THE WRONG MANs launch trailer – first look

The launch trailer for THE WRONG MANs, which we shot and completed very recently, has just gone live online, and will be airing across BBC channels (and on Hulu in the US) from today.

Here it is:


N.B. viewers in the US can see it here.

Also the official show website at has gone live, containing various clips and other delicacies, and you can check out the show’s official Facebook page if you’re that way inclined.

The show premieres late September on BBC Two, and in the US exclusively on Hulu in November.

One response to “THE WRONG MANs launch trailer – first look”

  1. If you ever need a 54yr old woman to act in anything you produce again, I’m the one! Never before seen (tho I did once play the bakers wife in The Pied Piper of Hameln, in Hameln years ago!)BIg ambition to act but had long, busy career in nursing. xx

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