ET has exclusive clip from BUTTER

The people over at Entertainment Tonight have an exclusive on this clip from BUTTER, in which Laura Pickler (Jennifer Garner) suspects foul-play behind the scenes at the butter carving competition, and has convinced Hugh Jackman’s hapless Boyd to testify.

Here’s the clip:

Exclusive Clip – Jennifer Garners Butter |

And here’s what they had to say:

Butter – a single word, two syllables, millions of applications and one of the best movies of 2012… “Butter” is a sharply observed comedy that takes place in the world of competitive butter carving. The script, direction and casting are sensational, but the number one draw is Jennifer Garner’s stunning portrayal of the diabolically delicious Laura Pickler. Part Tracy Flick from “Election”, part Sarah Palin, Laura Pickler not only represents a career-best for Garner, but also one of the year’s most sensational, memorable and sure-to-be Oscar-nominated performances.

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